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START GROUPSTAGE written by CoCo, 2010-02-13 14:52 CET (18 comments)

|>B<|Cup Update 1

Yo peoples! First of all sorry for the late infos.
But better late than never!

The groups have been created:

1st division: <a href="http://bunkercup-div1.tourney.cc/groups/" target="_blank">http://bunkercup-div1.tourney.cc/groups/ [bunkercup-div1.tourney.cc]</a>
2nd division: http://b-cup.tourney.cc/groups/ [b-cup.tourney.cc]

I noticed there are still some teams that havent signed up a full lineup yet;

1st Div:
Order-gaming; please let all players create account or send all guids to me on the B-Cup website.
CpC-Poulpes; You have only 5 players, this is a 6v6 tournament!
Validus: Only 4 players signed up...
Les 13: Only 5 players, you need at least 6

2nd Div:
Band of Brothers, Yoshy your whole team needs to sign up!, Or send me all guids asap.

Peoples, please take care of this before your first game! Otherwise opponent will get a forfeit win!

STARTDATE 1st Matchweek: UPCOMMING MONDAY 15th Febr.
Matchweeks go from mo-sunday.

Maps: Radar , Braundorf_b4
Incase of 2-2, 3d map will be chosen through elimination.

Dev1ous VS Order-Gaming
W0bble VS CPC poulpes

Les13 VS a2id
Validus VS 9th Dimension

ClanOss vs Distracted.et
Band of brothers VS D@ddies

CpC Castors vs Blackops
Pink Nuts vs Bunker2 Squad

In case of any questions contact one of the dev1ous players @ #nutsacks.et or send pm to coco.f @ bunker forums [bunker.aaxxss.com]
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