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B-Cup 2010 written by CoCo, 2009-12-19 14:19 CET (6 comments)

Welcome to |>B<|Cup 2010, Division 1.

Yes people, finally! There is a new |>B<|Cup on the way!
We dont have an exact date yet, but it will kick off around Januari /start Februari 2010

This year is already the third edition of the |>B<|Cup and it will be bigger and better than ever before!
We have found a sponsor! dev1ous.net [dev1ous.net] which will provide us with extra servers from Diehardservers [diehardservers.com]
Also this year we will have 2 leagues; 1 st league for expierenced teams and 2nd league for newcommers to etpro/ 6v6.

The Cup will be SW ETPRO 6V6 again.

- GLOBAL 6V6 config
- Clanbase rules
- Registered PBGUID must be older than Nov 01 2009.

Complete rules: Rules [bunker.aaxxss.com]

Allowed Players:

-Team + GUIDS Registered on Clanbase
-No CB banned players
-GUID must be older than Nov 01 2009
-Full lineup + Backups must enter PBguid on the cup website
- After signups end new players can only be added 1 week before match and with approval of cupadmin)


* Reactor Final
* Missile_b3
* sp_delivery_te
* bremen_b2
* braundorf_b4
* radar
* supply
* sw_goldrush_te

Division 1 [bunkercup-div1.tourney.cc]
Division2 [b-cup.tourney.cc]

Good Luck Guys! And please join us on B8 for ETPRO Fun. ---> /connect bunker8.aaxxss.com
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